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Best Garden Secateurs Review 2022 : bypass, anvil and ratchet

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The Garden Secateurs is a garden tool like a pair of strong scissors, used for cutting plants and small branches. Secateurs are an essential tool, essential for tidying up around the garden. whereas tools like hedge trimmers and alternative conductor garden tools are ideal for seizing serious duty tasks, pruning shears are straightforward, hand-held tools used for keeping on high of pruning, dead-heading, restricting perennials, and gathering fruit, veg, and flowers.

Available as bypass, anvil, and ratchet, each type is designed for a particular job:

  • Bypass Secateurs have 2 blades, that cut sort of a combination of scissors with a sharpened blade organic process a thicker metal platform. area unit pointed to assist them to get in amongst stems and branches and are ideal for cutting stems between 10 and 15 mm thick. they are appropriate for greener growth and will cut cleanly therefore it’s necessary to stay them sharp.
    • Anvil Secateurs have one blade that cuts sort of a knife, with the blade pushing through a stem or branch onto a lower block, in an exceedingly similar manner to a knife on a board. they are helpful for cutting through thicker, woodier stems and dead wood.
      • Ratchet Secateurs have either anvil or bypass blades and have ratchet springs and mechanisms to ease the effort and traverse a stem in an exceedingly series of stages. this kind of tool is ready to form more durable cuts step by step, as you repeatedly squeeze and unleash the handles to urge through the expansion, and they are notably helpful for gardeners WHO lack strength.

Best secateurs to buy at a glance

Okatsune 103 Bypass Pruners

Okatsune 103 Bypass Pruners

Fiskars Bypass Pruning Shears

Fiskars Bypass Pruning Shears

Gardena 8785 Comfort Bypass Hand Pruner

Gardena 8785 Comfort Bypass Hand Pruner

Corona RP 4224D Ratchet Cut Pruner

Corona RP 4224D Ratchet Cut Pruner

ClassicPRO Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears

ClassicPRO Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears


How do choose the best secateurs for you

The best secateurs you can buy

1. Okatsune 103 Bypass Pruners

Features :

  • Easy to use
  • Comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic
Source : Amazon.com

Q & A

Q. I am a 5′ 4″ tall women, I don’t have particularly big hands (not tiny either), would the 101 or 103 be better suited for someone like myself?

A. The 103 is comparable in size to the Felco F-2, and has a similar hand feel. The 101 is just a little smaller, and the blades are marginally smaller than the 103.

Q. where are these Okatsune 103s made?

A. It is made in Japan. However, sellers who sell fake products are constantly appearing. If you see an item for less than 30$, be sure to check the seller’s information. If it is a Japanese seller with a good reputation, there is no problem, but if it is not, be careful.

Q. The 103 (medium) is 20mm larger than the 101 (small) bypass pruner, is that just in the handle, or is the cutting blade bigger too?

A. The 101 blade set is slightly smaller than the 103, but the difference is slight, and at the operational level in the field, you probably won’t find many cuts that only the 101 cannot make/103 will make.

2. Fiskars Bypass Pruning Shears

Features :

  • Quality Garden Tools: Designed to help you cultivate a better garden, Fiskars garden, and yard tools are equipped with smart technologies and award-winning, ergonomic features that make it easier and more enjoyable to transform your outdoor space.
  • Maximum power and precision: All-steel blade stays sharp longer; Rust-resistant, low-friction coating helps glide through the wood; Self-cleaning sap groove keeps blades from sticking; Non-slip grip handle and easy-open lock make control and storage easy
  • Long-lasting and reliable: All-steel design provides excellent durability for lasting value. Fiskars pruning shears and tools are built to last and backed by a full lifetime warranty.
  • Ideal for a variety of pruning tasks: Works well for trimming bonsai tree branches, cutting flower stems, maintaining your herb garden, and more to encourage overall plant health and appearance.
  • Includes 1 Fiskars Manual Bypass Pruners measuring 5.5” long. Makes clean cuts on stems and light branches up to 5/8″ in diameter.
  • Bypass Blade Design
  • Non-stick Coating
  • Designed for Durability
Source : Amazon.com

Q & A

Q. Silly question but what is the difference between bypass pruners and those not labeled “bypass”… I see mixed results on Amazon and Fiskar.

A. by-pass are for clean cuts on live plants, anvil used on dead limb pruning

Q. Is this item made in USA?

A. Amazon’s product description (as of 2014/11) now states: “The 9109 Bypass Pruner is made in China.” Along with: “Fiskars is a global company with manufacturing locations all over the world, including several places in the US. Many of Fiskars’ blades are stainless steel. The blade on the 9109 is a coated, high carbon steel blade.” Seems like this model has seen significant cost-cutting over the years, maybe too much..

Q. How thick the branches you can cut?

A. You can cut over an inch diameter my rotating the cutter with open jaws around the branch. The sharp cutting blade will slice through the branch.

Q. I would like these shears for cutting the hard dorsal, pectoral and tail fins off of fresh whole fish like salmon, bass, trout etc? will it work well?

A. I would say it will work on some fish. Smaller fish such as bass and trout should work well but large fish with tougher fins might be a struggle. Also, these aren’t stainless steel so rust could be a problem.

3. Gardena 8785 Comfort Bypass Hand Pruner

Features :

  • Exceptionally convenient and ergonomic pruners for cutting flowers, young shoots, and green wood.
  • Angled cutting head with non-stick-coated blades.
  • Comfort grip with soft elements and 2 positions for power cutting and quick snipping.
  • Single-hand safety lock.
  • Made in Germany
  • 0.7″ – 1″ Cutting Diameters
Source : Amazon.com

4. Corona RP 4224D Ratchet Cut Pruner

Features :

  • RATCHETCUT 4-GEAR MECHANISM increases power with each click
  • HIGH-CARBON STEEL BLADES for maximum durability and longevity
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM for reduced effort and fatigue when cutting larger branches
  • COATED NON-STICK BLADES easily cut branches and stems up to 3/4″ in diameter
  • COMFORT GEL GRIPS minimize hand fatigue and prevent blisters
  • CORONA CARES about creating eco-friendly products by implementing 100% recyclable packaging, planting over 15,000 trees to date and by providing tools to organizations that help grow food and plant urban trees
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on our garden tools built to last season after season since the 1920s
  • ESSENTIAL GARDENING TOOLS: Corona creates high-quality gardening and yard tools for all your landscaping and agricultural needs, including gardening scissors, pruning shears, garden clippers, greenhouse supplies, and more
Souce : Amazon.com

5. ClassicPRO Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears

Features :

  • CLASSIC STYLE BYPASS GARDENING SHEARS – Razor Sharp Cutting Blade made from Japanese Grade High-Quality Hardened Steel – Protective Titanium coating decreases friction for easier cutting, and offers long-lasting protection against rust & corrosion.
  • ERGONOMICALLY ENGINEERED LONG HANDLE – Red Anti-slip Grip Cushioned with Shock-absorbing Pads – Reduce Repetitive Hand Motion Injuries, Hand Fatigue, and Wrist Strain – Ideal for Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Sufferers, Seniors with Weak Hands.
  • SAP GROOVE – prevents blades from sticking, directing sap debris & other contaminates away from the blade so plant disease is minimized. WIRE CUTTING NOTCH – cuts small wires without damaging the cutting edge for an efficient cutting process.
  • MICROMETRIC ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM – Manual Adjustment of Alignment Play of The Blade For Optimal Precise Clean Cuts – Smooth Effortless Cutting Actions For Easy and Effortless Trimming – Cut Up To 1-inch Size Thick Branches, Dependent on Wood.
  • STRONG LIGHTWEIGHT DROP FORGED ALUMINUM – All Metal Body & Handle Secateurs – Pruning Snips Fit Medium to Large Hands – Versatile Gardening Trimmers for Intensive General Multi-Purpose Yard & Farm Work. SUPPORTED WITH A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

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