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How to care for Calathea orbifolia indoor plant

Calathea orbifolia is also known as the orbifolia prayer plant. This type of prayer plant that is popular for its extensive and striking green-striped leaves. That is easy to grow and is a great way to expand your indoor plant. It comprises a diverse group of striking foliage plants. In this article we know about how to calathea orbifolia care and maintain.

While these beauties may be quite expensive to buy. they are all easy to propagate, providing you with a collection of new plants for free.

It is not just a regular you add to your house-plant collections. it is a gorgeous plant with beautiful unique leaves that will change the look of whatever space it is placed in.

Common name(s)Prayer plant, orbifolia prayer plant
Scientific nameCalathea orbifolia
Height and spreadUp to 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide
LightBright indirect light
Soil typeWell-draining and slightly acidic
WaterKeep lightly moist
photo credit: unsplash.com

Where Available calathea orbifolia plant:

Normally the plant is easily available everywhere. But, mainly there are available plant houses, nurseries, and online platforms like amazon or any other platform. I would like to share some sample


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Calathea orbifolia plant

  • Calathea orbifolia is a stunner. It has big round leaves with beautiful coloring and detail.
  • Plant ships in a plastic grow pot with drainage holes – the sizes refer to the top diameter of the pot.
  • Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. Water little but often to ensure that it stays well hydrated but allows the roots to breathe.
  • The Calathea orbifolia prefers medium indirect light. They can tolerate low light conditions but will suffer in intense or direct sunlight.
  • Though it may need a little special attention, the big tropical vibes it brings to your space are worth the extra effort.

Care and maintain calathea orbifolia:


It prefers soft light conditions in your home as well. The plant prefers direct sunlight. So it’ll happily live in a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom where it gets indirect light. Isn’t too close to a window. Direct sunlight is too harsh on the plant (potentially scorching the leaves) and can dehydrate it too quickly.

calathea orbifolia care

water :

  • Calathea orbifolia like moist but not soggy, and it grows better with less water than with too much water.
  • It is native to the tropical rainforests of Bolivia. its humidity requirements are too high.

Which type of soil is used to grow calathea orbifolia :

  • These soils are available at your local nursery or gardening center. the calathea orbifolia is better for growth in sandy or wet soil.
  • calathea will grow well in slightly acidic soil, a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5 will do.
  • I like to combine equal parts of potting mix, a moisture-retaining element (like peat moss, sphagnum moss, or coco coir), and a drainage-promoting element.

Recommended products for Calathea orbifolia care:

Fertilizer :

We advise strongly that your fertilizer be diluted to half its strength before it is applied, too much fertilizer can burn and damage your plant.

Recommended fertilizers for Calathea orbifolia:

Common questions about Calathea orbifolia care:

Is Calathea orbifolia hard to care for?

Calathea orbifolia plants aren’t the hardest houseplants to care. But, Some time its not easiest. The only specific musts for these plants are indirect light, warm temperatures, and humidity, as well as the standard soil and watering requirements.

Why is my Calathea Orbifolia drooping?

Your Calathea Orbifolia may be drooping for either of these reasons overwatering, underwatering and poor humidity. If Calathea Orbifolia is deprived of a sufficient amount of water, the soil is deprived of necessary nutrients and it begins to droop.

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