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How to care “bromeliad plants” for indoors and outdoor after flowering


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If you want a beautiful addition to your plant collection in your garden, then you grow bromeliad plants in your garden is a must. Bromeliad plant is the name for a family of plants that is incredibly diverse. There are various species of bromeliads. And just about as many ways to care for them as there are different varieties.  That being said there are a few things that will remain true for the majority of bromeliads plant and general principles of bromeliad care that will remain consistent.  The following are tips for both indoor and outdoor bromeliad care and maintenance.

Plant chronicle information

Common NameBromeliad
Botanical NameBromeliaceae genera
Plant TypePerennials

How to Grow Bromeliad plant

Bromeliad plants are available in nurseries, garden, house, and also office. plants are grown both side indoor and outdoor because these plant required meduim to bright sunlight. if new gardener don’t know where grow bromeliad plant then read this article how to care bromeliad plant for indoor and outdoor after flowering.

Bromeliad plants sown in pots and as well as thick layer of soils. they better growth in pots and if soils are not fertile then added organic or inorganic amedments into the soil.

Where to purches plant?

you can purches bromeliad at nurseries, garden center, Home depot, and also online at Amazon. bromeliad is available in various colors of variety and you can grow anywhere.

How to Care for a Bromeliad Plant

bromedial plants are easy to care and maintain because these plants are not require any special ferilizer, intrument. bromedial require just basic needs like water, soil, light. not require any special needs thats why bromedial plant grow any where like indoor or outdoor. The following are tips for both indoor and outdoor bromeliad care and maintenance.

Bromeliad Plant care and Maintanance in Indoor

Bromeliad plant well grow in indoor side. they are require basic needs and also few problems of pests. with the right care you can enjoy in indoor bromeliad plant.

Water :-

Bromeliad plant is tolerance to drough conditions. but are much less tolerant of being over-watered which can cause root rot. When you are keeping them inside, it is not necessary to overfill the planter with water.

Temperature :-

Bromeliads have a wide range of light tolerances. They can grow outdoors during the winter months or during the hot summer days. Some varieties prefer bright, indirect light while other thrive in almost constant shade. For the most part, bromeliads thrive in bright, sunny spaces.

Fertilizers :-

In bromeliad plant grown no need much fertilizer its surprising but its fact.  During the growing season, you can use a liquid fertilizer with at one half its normal strength.

Flowering :

Most bromeliads flower only once in their lifetime. The brightly colored leaves that are often mistaken for flowers are actually called bracts, a leaf-like structure from which an inflorescence may grow. A bromeliad grows by added new leaves to the center of the plant. At some point, the center will become crowded and new leaves will no longer have room to form. At this point, the bromeliad will focus its energy on producing pups, also known as offsets. The bloom on a bromeliad can last several months and the colorful bracts even longer.You can cut back the flower once it becomes unsightly. Use a sharp, sterilized instrument and cut the spike back as far as possible without injuring the remaining portion of the plant. Sadly, the mother plant will eventually die. But hopefully not before producing offspring to continue its legacy.

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