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How to care for Maintain the bay laurel plant for the Edible garden

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The leaves of Laurus nobilis are best well-known for their use as a room seasoning, however, Laurus nobilis is really an evergreen bush or tree native to the Mediterranean area. it’s large, pointed oval leaves that are deep, shiny green in color with a tough texture. Its natural growth habit produces a medium- to a large-sized tree with multiple stems that support a dense green pyramidical cover. however this slow-growing plant willingly accepts heavy pruning, so you’ll as usually see it appearing as a bush or container plant kept trimmed into a dense green mass.

The size of potted plants is generally kept to four to 6 feet tall, while unpruned landscape plants will eventually grow from thirty to sixty feet tall. in the spring, Laurus nobilis has small yellow flowers that turn into dark purple berries within the fall. The Laurus nobilis is dioecious (which means the plants have specific genders, male or female). Flowers on feminine plants should be pollinated by a nearby male Laurus nobilis in order to supply berries. Laurus nobilis could be a slow-growing tree (a few inches per year) best planted within the spring.

Where to buy Bay Laurel plants

bay laurel plants are available near nurseries, shops, or Online platforms like amazon or any other. Some bay laurel is available on amazon

Bay Laurel Seeds Packet of 2 Seeds

bay laurel
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How to care for the Bay Laurel plant

Weather Condition:-

  • Bay Laurel is hardy in zones 7-10.
  • In colder zones.
  • It is very frost sensitive but can be grown in a pot and brought indoors for the winter, or kept in a sheltered closed area where the extremes of the cold won’t kill it.
  • It can only take temperatures down to about 20 degrees F.
  • In warmer zones, the plant is considered a perennial.

Propagation of bay leaf plants:-

The plants take a long time to germinate from seed. Normal plant propagation is from cuttings or air layering. The cuttings need to root in a heated propagator with high humidity.  It’s quite difficult to propagate.

Ways to grow bay leaf plants:-

  • In warmer zones, grown bay laurel as a tree.
  • It can be used in the topiary to create ball-shaped plants.
  • The stems are also grown twisted and they are grown as hedges, too.
  • Since the bay is only hardy to zone 8, Bay Laurel is often grown as a houseplant in colder zones. For best results re-pot a container plant every 2-3 years.
bay leaf plant

Pest and diseases:-

  • Bay laurel is resistant to most pests and diseases.
  • Weak plants can attack scale and aphids.
  • Treat infected plants with an organic pesticide.
  • Common problems with bay leaf plants are simple over-watering, cold temperatures, and lack of sunlight.

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